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In 1995

Gabriel Curry was just 17 years old when he discovered his passion for the industrial supply industry.


On January 1, 1996, Curry started working at HUB Industrial and brought an unmatched level of service and satisfaction to his customers for 21 years.

We know your industry.

Inspired by the people he’s met in the industry, Curry decided to launch his very own industrial supply company, Fuelbox Industrial. He has 50,000 hours of expertise in the business and is bringing his skill set to focus on a new dynamic in the industrial supply space: innovation and productivity.


We spark productivity through innovation.

Our team is the backbone of our company. At Fuelbox, our team gets to live out our core values while delivering true value on our consumable supplies - all while having FUN! The most rewarding experience of all? The opportunity to work with an amazing group of customers in a unique and growing industry!

We are not generalists, we are specialists.

What is our spark? With 50,000 hours of combined knowledge in the industry, Curry and the Fuelbox team are applying their expertise to leverage premium products for our customers. What makes us different? We choose to ask the question, “How can our consumable supplies enhance the customer experience, improve their operations and increase their productivity?”


Our first product is the Butter Blade; a bi-metal band saw blade created specifically for use in the pallet industry. Our second product is the Nail Ninja; circular saw blades designed to cut through wood and nails with ease. We are constantly expanding our offerings to become the most customer-focused supplier in the industrial space.

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